The results of this collaborative project will form part of an International exhibition at Chang Mai University Art Centre called WhaTToDip (this title is taken from the pronunciation of Thai word meaning Raw Material) which takes place from 6th until 28th October.



This exhibition aims to explore artists’ use of the Internet and social media as a global collaborative tool and questions our relationship with raw materials, working with communities to explore the uses of local raw materials. Surface Arts have been invited to take part, the exhibition is being organised by Uncookedculture- an art and social media organisation that create a synergy for creating a balanced global environment www.uncookedculture.com.


There will be a seminar called ‘Creative Uses of Raw Materials and Social Media’ on 8th October at Sangdee Gallery http://www.sangdee.org/ where Surface Arts founder Katie Hawker will be presenting and critically analysing the outcomes of the research at ComPeung Village of Creativity. Surface Arts will also run a workshop with a local community to create an event which will take place on 9th October.


This is part of Chiang Mai Creative City http://creativechiangmai.com/en/






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